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Would you get a Sidekick running Android?

So T-Mobile is bringing back its Sidekick line…you remember the sidekick. It was, for most of us, our first phone with “real internet”. (I think the browser on the Sidekick is actually better than the BlackBerry…) T-mobile is looking to strengthen the Sidekick line by having it on Android (and made by Samsung) instead of the propietry Danger OS (which is now owned by Microsoft).

I have a few questions:
1. Will people feel comfortable buying a Sidekick after what happened in 2009? If you don’t remember its when the Sidekick servers crashing causing people with Sidekicks to lose all their data and making their phones very cool looking paper weights.
2. Who is the Sidekick going to be marketed towards? T-Mobile’s consumer brand is the MyTouch. The G series (G1, G2, G-slate) is the higher end series.
3. Would YOU buy a Sidekick? (Why or why not)

Burnt Toast & Tech for 110310

Hopefully everyone voted in their local elections. If you follow me on twitter then you would have seen my twitter rant about politics. Basically what it boiled down to was the our political involvement does not end after we cast our ballot. #WordIsBond. So I’m going to work on trying to not be dismayed by the media’s perception of politics and start trying to research things myself. Who’s with me?!?

 - Can you imagine leaving home without keys and your wallet, relying soley on your cell phone? As much as I love my phones, I can’t imagine not having my wallet or keys. Before I’d dive head first into this…I would need a longer lasting battery.

[ Cell Phones Could Replace Wallet, Keys: Mercury News ]

 - Windows Phone 7 is about to be released soon…and therefore getting reviewed. IF reviews are going to be like this…then things don’t look good for Microsoft (but they can get better)

[ Windows Phone 7 Review: USA Today ]

 - So Silicon Alley Insider created a chart that graphs when people are likely to break up (or change their relationship status) on Facebook. Word of advice: watch out during Spring Break and 2 weeks before Christmas.

[ Facebook Reveals  The Most Popular Time For Breakups: SAI ]


random baby facts

^ It’s a baby mop…tell me that’s not a GREEN tech idea…