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10 Reasons Why Google Should Buy RIM

A quick thought on Google+

So I got my invite to Google’s new social network called Google+…so far so good. I’m still playing around with it and learning the lay of the land (common procedure on any new product…especially coming from Google because everything is beta). What caught my eye (besides the minimalist design of which I love) is the fact that Google rolled out its own bbm/iMessage/kik + groupme/group messaging competitor and it seems as if no one is talking about it.

Google+ Huddle is one on one or group messaging to anyone in your circle…but what I noticed (I’m not going to lie, I read the “Help” section) is that Huddle lets you know when a message is being delivered, when its received, and when its read…just like bbm. For a bbm/BlackBerry addict like me this is huge news. I can see the application being very useful and I’m shocked that its so far under the radar that it seems as though no one is talking about it.

Man…RIM is in trouble if people start taking full advantage of Google+ (as if RIM isn’t in enough trouble already)

Steve Jobs is the archetypal entrepreneur of our age, right? And he is not an innovator, right? He’s the guy who comes second or third and makes it better.

Malcolm Gladwell 

[RIM should definitely take this advice…]

Jim Jones - What’s Your BBM?

why?!?   (I hope RIM didn’t pay him for this)
RIM has an audience, but that audience is shrinking. Arguably they had a good run, but there are plenty of other devices from other manufacturers – Microsoft included – that have much more cachet in terms of general appeal. Even BBM no longer sounds as enticing as it once did, especially in an era of Facetime, Qik, and Hipchat.

John Briggs

[ As angry as this post makes me, it saddens me that it might come true ]

RIM Releases Updated BlackBerry WebWorks Developer Tools

about time…but lets see if developers actually use them to make some quality apps…
RIM’s current strategy is to continue to string along the current BlackBerry OS while trying to ramp up a still-not-really-finished QNX platform on the Playbook.

Dieter Bohn from ThisIsMyNext

4G Playbook Launch Delayed

RIM seriously has a problem!!! Why can’t ANY of their products get released?!?  How hard is it to get a product to market?  RIM has become sinking ship and they are acting with no urgency in their movements. People aren’t concerned about getting Playbooks? Why? Because RIM hasn’t convinced people that they need it. If RIM released quality apps for it, or implemented their Android app player then maybe people would buy them…

Microsoft, Facebook, RIM, and others in support of AT&T-mobile merger


iMessage Biting RIM's Style

RIM is going to be in trouble…