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Netflix is raising prices for new members | The Verge


I mean new subscribers won’t get it for $7.99, I understand that. But you’re also saying that current subscribers will have a price increase as well? #BadForm

If that’s the case I’m gonna need to see movies go up a lot faster than they do now.

A Netflix For Books?

This seems really interesting. But I don’t think I’d take full advantage of this. Unlimited books for $9.95? Seems great…but how many books can I read in a month? Some people can read a book a week…but that’s not me right now. For now I’ll stick with my local library for unlimited books.

No Netflix required: 'House of Cards' now available to Comcast subscribers

At first reading I disagreed with this. I thought it was diluting the Netflix original series empire, however after further review I think it just showcases the strength that Netflix has in making original content.

New York has won the competition to become the shooting location for the four Marvel miniseries that Disney is producing for Netflix. These 52 collective episodes are part of an ambitious Netflix strategy to become a leading source of original science fiction and horror franchises. 

Treo Kuittinen, Netflix’s Next Game Changer

Why wouldn’t New York be the filming location? The Marvel Universe basically solely takes place in New York.

Are We Becoming A Nation of Binge Watchers?

Alt Photo Credit: Steven Meisel, Vogue, September 2006

An article by Vouge to which I answer: Yes. Yes we are.

All my friends are watching (or have already completed) the 2nd season of House of Cards. Me? I’m just starting on the first season. I’m more of a fan of the Hulu model (with the exception of the commercials). I’ll binge watch if I’m behind. But when a new season starts, I don’t think the entire thing should go up at one time.

Hasbro Signs Multi-Year Deal With Netflix

So this means G.I.Joe & Transformers are available for Instant Streaming.

#ReasonForNetflix #80sBaby

Paramount Reaches Agreement To Bring Over 500 Movies to YouTube & Google Play

…I really feel like Google is going to have a better selection of movies than Netflix

Facebook Movie Rentals?!?

Word on the web is that Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster, and Hulu are all nervous about a new deal that Facebook struck with Warner Bros about renting movies. I’ve become very accustomed to the Netflix model and I very much enjoy being able to stream movies to my tv (through my Xbox) to my tv. I do not want to sit on the computer on Facebook and attempt to watch a movie.

¿Will Facebook pause chats while I’m watching my movie?

¿Will Facebook maximize the viewing window for the movie? Or will it be a hover over like Facebook has started doing with its pictures?

Now the deal states that if you rent a movie you can watch the movie on that movie’s Facebook fan page. Almost all of my social interacts have already been taken over by Facebook, I don’t want my media interactions to be the same way. It will be sad day when I have to have various subscription services to enjoy movies, and I can see the .market headed in that direction. Hopefully this idea will be a flop and studios will allow their movies to be in various arenas at the sametime. Much like the way they deliver their movies to various movie theatres and I don’t have to only see Warner Bros movies in Muvico theaters and Pixar movies at Sony theatres. Consumers want simplicity. I understand that products need to differentiate, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of the consumer’s ease of use for your product.

Netflix & CBS Ink 2 Year Deal

Well this is a great deal for Netflix to be able to get the large CBS library of shows to add to Netflix “watch instantly” catalog. Super sweet…I’m hoping that How I Met Your Mother is included in this arrangement because it was one of the reasons why I signed up for Netflix in the first place.

Burnt Toast and Tech for 112210

Samsung Sold 600,000 Tabs…but there’s no Newspaper

Its Thanksgiving Week!!!…which also means it’s Black Friday Week…which also means the holiday shopping experience is upon us. #Fact: I don’t really like shopping. #DoubleFact: I REALLY don’t like shopping when I can’t find a parking spot and the stores are packed. But that’s days are not here yet (although they will be soon), what is here however is some insightful stories about technology…so let’s get to the tech.

 - Netflix changes its pricing structure and introduces a $7.99 streaming only plan. Now the streaming only Netflix is the same price as Hulu Plus, but the price to get DVD rentals has increased.

 - The news on the street is that Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch are working on a iPad only newspaper. Cool, but what would that look like. TechCrunch has some ideas...

 - The New York Times has an article about being young and growing up with technology. The always-connected generation is seeming always-distracted. Ironic?

 - Saw this article at the beginning of the weekend about finding the killer apps on android. After reading this…I have some disagree fragments…but I pretty much agree.

 - Didn’t realize that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has sold more than 600,000 units, maybe this will help to create some killer apps on Android.

^Typical Monday…^