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Burnt Toast and Tech for 111910

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night…MySpace is still Dead

Yes!!! You’ve made it through another week. Week 42 is done…welcome to Friday. Just looking at that isn’t it weird to notice that there are only 10 more weeks left in 2010. Wow…time does fly. What’s on the tech docket for today…we have some twitter news, MySpace actually did something ”new”, the Green Lantern trailer, and I couldn’t go a day without talking about Google.

 - Remember when Twitter’s #FollowFriday actually used to mean something? Well apparently Twitter doesn’t and is launching a “Directory”, which will help you find new and meaningful people to follow based upon your current list. …I never really participated in #FollowFriday…but there was just something really cool about the people I followed recommending their favorites to me. It made the network more social.

 - So MySpace came out with Mashup, which allows users to mash their Facebook profile with MySpace and get real entertainment recommendations…wait…I didn’t know MySpace was still around.


^ The Green Lantern Trailer “premiered” this week. It’s been getting a lot of flack about not being exciting or the CG not being to tight. Well they have until next year to tighten things up. I’m not worried…I’m excited for the next trailer which will hopefully show more of the ring’s constructions ^

 - Need a job? Google is looking to hire more than 2,000 across the globe. Get your resumes out!

^Nuff Said…^

Alright, that’s all I have for today…but have an awesome weekend everyone…mahalla

Burnt Toast & Tech for 110410

Welcome to another interesting morning in tech news. Yesterday Facebook had a press conference bringing in lots of new features that are possibly so intriguing that I may start using it. Foursquare isn’t trying to be left behind in the geo-location apps either according to the CEO and co-founder…and then we have some MySpace news. so grab you cup of coffee (or tea) because here’s your burnt toast & tech…

 - Yesterday Facebook had it’s mobile announcement…and things are about to get interesting. Facebook has announced Deals, which is exactly what I was referring to late last week. When you check in to certain places on Facebook, the dealer may offer you a coupon or donate to charity on your behalf. I’m sure this list is only a sampling of the businesses that will get involved in this. Watch out Foursquare…

[ Facebook Introducing Deals ]

 - Since we’re talking about Foursquare and checking into places…the CEO of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley, recent spoke about “what happens after you checkin”. Foursquare is looking to start recommending places based upon where you’ve checked in before, brand discovery, and better deals…Watch out Facebook…

[ Foursquare: A Glimpse of the Future ]

 - Did you know that digital apps can be sold out? Well neither did I but apparently that’s what happened when SkyFire, another mobile phone browser already available on Android and Windows Mobile, went live in the iTunes App Store. Apple then decided to pull the app. < sarcasm >I’m sure it had nothing to do with SkyFire being able to play Flash…</sarcasm >

[ SkyFire Can’t Handle Demand And Pulls App ]

 - Last week, MySpace (remember them…before Facebook…it allowed you to be all custom with your profile and put up music and glittery images) got a redesign. This week, News Corp is looking to sell them. In News Corp’s earnings call they were stating the dire straights of MySpace (they are down $70 million when compared to the same quarter last year).

[ News Corp Says MySpace Losses Unsustainable ]


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^umm tell me that’s NOT awesome!!! ^