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BlackBerry patents capacitive touch keyboard |

Oh BlackBerry…what are you up to now?

RIM Releases Updated BlackBerry WebWorks Developer Tools

about time…but lets see if developers actually use them to make some quality apps…

Why Should RIM Be Any Different?

The reviews for the BlackBerry PlayBook are coming out and the critics, although generally in favor of Reasearch In Motions’s (RIM) approach, don’t feel as though the PlayBook can save RIM in it’s current state. Now I’m not going to get into that topic in this post, but I do want to discuss the lack of certain “core” applications missing at launch from the BlackBerry PlayBook.

At launch, the BlackBerry PlayBook will ship without native e-mail, contacts, or calendar apps. It will also be without BlackBerry Messenger, a key feature to BlackBerry devices. RIM wanted to make BlackBerry a secure device out the box and therefore to have access to those features you must connect your BlackBerry device to the PlayBook. Given the fact that the first PlayBooks will be wi-fi only, this makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to have e-mail trying to be pushed to a device when there is no wi-fi connectivity. Why would I need to look up contacts when I can’t necessarily do anything with them when not in a wi-fi area (no call, text, e-mail. or bbm)?  The only sore point to the missing core apps would be the lack of a calendar app, that does seem important. But lets take a closer look at the BlackBerry Bridge, the app that connects a BlackBerry to a PlayBook and why RIM went that route.

Reviewers are not keen to the idea that a PlayBook needs to have a BlackBerry to do key features. But this is nothing new to the technology world. RIM wants people in their ecosystem. This is no different than an Apple product (iPad, iPod, iPhone) needing to connect to iTunes, or an Android device needing a GMail address, or a Windows product needing a Hotmail/Live address. The makers of these products want you within their ecosystem. Why should RIM be any different?

People can argue that needing a particular type of e-mail address is completely different than needing a particular type of device, but one can lead to the other. Once you’re within an ecosystem, you want to have the devices that go along with that ecosystem so you can the best service out of your connected devices. When Android first arrived on the scene with the G1, I was very excited to get one becasue I was a heavy user of Google products (Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, Google Reader, Chrome). I was within the Google ecosystem and wanted to get the most out of these products therefore I thought Android was the perfect solution at that time. I know of people who want Windows Phone 7 devices becasue they loved their Zunes and have an Xbox; they are within the Mircosoft ecosystem.  My sister-in-law was a blackberry addict (much like my wife), but she really wanted an iPad. She waited and got the iPad 2 on the first day it came out. She is in love with her iPad, she loved the apps, the browser, the way it looked. Everything. I talked to her last week, she had gotten rid of her BlackBerry and is now an iPhone user. Apple lured her into their ecosystem, just as the Big Bad Wolf did with Little Red Riding Hood. RIM is not in the wrong for offering users of their products the best expirence, and if you want the best expirence then you will use their products. In the buisness world, it is far less expensive to keep a customer than to get new ones. Also once a consumer has purchased multiple products within one ecosystem then they are less likley to leave it. RIM knows this and is leveraging their current customer base to stay in the BlackBerry army and not defect to battlefields of Android or iOS. 

In my expirence, people are purchasing tablets to browse the web, play games, maybe watch some movies on a larger screen. Tablets are eating away at the sales of netbooks, becasue they were serving very similar purposes. If people are looking at those features (web browsing, playing games, media, etc) and even some document creation and editing then the PlayBook is going to be great device right out of the box. The PlayBook is a solid device and RIM is headed in the right direction with their new OS and ecosystem strategy.

BlackBerry PlayBook to Support Android Apps?

…well this would definitely get some playbooks out the door and help with that lacking developer community that RIM has.

Android + BlackBerry = the best of both worlds!


BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On

FYI - Clearly I’m nowhere in or near the hands-on of the amazing BlackBerry PlayBook. But I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to post this video from the Boy Genius Report.

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The PlayBook looks amazing and slick. Hopefully RIM, the makers of BlackBerry, will release this very soon, becasue we all know that Apple is gearing up to release an iPad 2 and Android tablets or on every carrier. But it looks as though RIM is doing the right thing by keeping the PlayBook in the public eye, as well as tying it very closely to it’s BlackBerry devices (with the PlayBook being able to tether to BlackBerry devices for internet; as well as share information as in e-mails, BBM, and contacts).

I, for one, can’t wait for the PlayBook. How about you?

Burnt Toast and Tech for 120710

Welcome to another chilly morning of your favorite tech news. I think today’s post of news might be a little one sided because of some Google news.

[ Google Nexus S Preview ] [ Google Nexus S Appears on ]

 - it’s REAL!!! The Google Nexus S, the phone that I’ve been posting about for months has now come to real life. Not only has Google announced the Nexus S, but Engadget has a small hands-on. Yes, I’m excited for it…but I will probably not be getting it, because it’s going to be a Best Buy exclusive. Which I think is a stupid idea…but oh well.

[ Google Opens a Bookstore ]

 - "Buy Anywhere, read anywhere"…as long as you have a browser.Yes Google finally has a bookstore with over 3 million titles and 4,000 publishers. I actually think that’s already more than the iBooks bookstore. Google’s is focused on selling books and not creating ebook content wars with different devices. Google is however developing apps for the bookstore for Android (of course), browsers, iPhone and iPod (Google is trying to get approved), and the Nook and Sony e-readers. It doesn’t surprise me that the Nook can read Google books, since the Nook runs on Android. Noticeably the Kindle is missing, but that’s only because the Kindle has rights management on their books while Google’s are open. All in all, Google eBooks is a nice jump into the book market and there is no reason that more book stores are going to be a problem.

[ RIM’s hopes 2011 is better than 2010

 - Let’s hope this is true, because their 2010 was lacking. In 2010, while carriers were advancing their wireless networks with HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax; BlackBerry hasn’t even been in the running. Let’s hope that RIM can get it’s act together. The video from a Rogers TabLife shows some of the awesome possibilities of the PlayBook. Let’s hope that RIM can expand on the possibilities of the PlayBook and take it to the BlackBerry. Make it so, RIM.

Burnt Toast and Tech for 112410

Good morning…it’s one day before Thanksgiving (in case you didn’t know. I think today is hailed as the largest drinking day of the year…). So before you get sauced and visit your family…let’s get through a few tech stories to talk about while drinking tonight.

 - The Patent Office agrees to let Facebook trademark the word “Face”. Facebook, of course, needs to pa the fee for the trademark…but I’m pretty sure that will happen. The Patent Office is so lame for letting this happen. I mean seriously…the word “face”? #Cmon!

 - Apple is hiring former people at RIM, and more specifically former RIM employees who worked Enterprise Sales. It looks as though Apple is getting ready to make a push to get in the pockets of more suits. Watch out RIM.

 -  If you’re a Kik user on BlackBerry then you might have noticed that your service has stopped working. Here’s RIM’s reason to why (hint: they don’t like Kik anymore…)

 - In Germany, Google gave house owners the option of blurring out their home so it doesn’t appear on Google Maps. Apparently some German Google lovers did not take to kindly to that and egged the blurried houses. Google’s motto may be “Don’t Be Evil”…but that doesn’t apply to it’s customers…


^ This is a shout-out to all the people taking today to prepare and get ready to cook tomorrow. You’re awesome!!! ^

Burnt Toast and Tech for 111710

Good morning and welcome to Hump Day!!! Don’t worry half the week is over and done with and you only have 2 more days to go until the weekend. You can do it. So grab you cup of coffee and let’s cook up some tech.

 - So Hulu Plus, the streaming service that lets you watch tv on your Xbox, iPad, iPhone, PS3, Roku, and other devices, recently dropped it’s price from $9.99 to $7.99…is that going to be enough to grab more customers? I suggest that they get rid of some ads and add more content to the paid service…usually giving people more when they pay for stuff helps.

 - I’m very much into ways that I can cut cable out of my life. Here’s another set-top box, the Boxee Box reviewed by Engadget. In short, the review states they want to like it…but like Google TV it’s still not there yet.


^ A Browser Fight Between the iPad vs the BlackBerry PlayBook…this is awesomely cool ^

 - As stated yesterday, people can finally get the Beatles on iTunes. Apparently a lot of people already have because every Beatles album (including the Box Set) is in the iTunes Top 50.

Burnt Toast & Tech for 110810

And welcome back to another Monday. Hopefully you’ve all been getting that extra hour of rest and are getting reacquainted with the sun being out this early in the am. I took full advantage of the extra hour…and that’s why the tech breakfast is being served up a tad later than usual. I guess this is more of a Bacon Lettuce & Tech today.

On to the tech…

 - Dell is going to be replacing 25,000 employees BlackBerry devices with Windows Phone 7 devices. How much is that worth? About $1.2 million dollars. Granted Dell is fitting their employees with the Venue Pro, which is the Dell made Windows Phone 7 device, RIM has to feel since it’s brand presence is increasingly shrinking. First the PlayBook, which looks to be an amazing tablet isn’t going to be ready for holiday sales. Then Apple passed them in smartphone market share. Not to mention that the Torch has less than stellar sales (but I’ll blame that on being sold only on one carrier). RIM has the ability to put together an amazing device to stop this brand bleeding…the question is: will they?

[ Dell Ditches RIM for Windows Phone 7 ]

 - A new browser has hit the Interwebs, RockMelt, which is a browser for social networking junkies. Full disclosure…I haven’t tried RockMelt yet…but I plan on downloading it as soon as I finish this post. Now a social networking web browser isn’t a new idea. There have been attempts before such as Flock, which was based on FireFox. Now RockMelt is based on Chrome, which is my browser of choice, so I’m hoping for the best. But from my experience, these social networking browsers are slow…and if it’s slow I might as well just go to the site.

[ First Look at RockMelt

 - In disappointing news, Google TV has had the breaks slammed on it by major TV companies NBC, ABC, CBS…and Hulu. This is hurting consumers who want to start cutting the cord of cable. Google needs to play ball with these companies. But the networks need to realize that the market is changing and the only thing they are encouraging is piracy in which they receive NO MONEY! Get it together!!!

[ Google TV Gets Static

 - In more disappointing news, the unannounced unconfirmed Samsung Nexus Two has been delayed. Maybe I should stop reporting on this until I get some more news about it…but I’m just excited about a pure build of the Android operating system. Believe me when I say that the Nexus One if it were sold in stores could have been a TRUE iPhone competitor. Google squandered that opportunity…and hopefully they’ll have learned their lesson.

[ Samsung ‘Nexus Two’ Still On, Delayed Due to Major Glitch ]


^I couldn’t leave you with all that disappointing news…so here’s something optimistic ^

where is the button that&#8217;ll allow people to comment on posts? C&#8217;mon tumblr for BlackBerry&#8230;

where is the button that’ll allow people to comment on posts? C’mon tumblr for BlackBerry…