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Microsoft, Facebook, RIM, and others in support of AT&T-mobile merger


AT&T Is Going To Kill This Wave Before It Starts…

If you’ve followed me on twitter or tumblr…or have even heard me talk in person, then you’d know that I had high hopes for the Motorola Atrix 4G. A superphone going to AT&T that features a dual-core processor, front and rear facing cameras, large screen, HD video recording…you name it and the Atrix 4G could deliver it. One of the amazing selling points of the phone besides its amazing features however was the fact that it had multiple docks that would transform your phone into an entertainment center for your TV, and my personal favorite a netbook which runs a full version of Firefox.

I was really excited about this new wave of personal computing phones and their accessory docks…until today. AT&T officially announced the price of the Atrix 4G and the price of the laptop dock. The Atrix 4G on a two-year contract is $199.99 and the price of the laptop dock is $499.99.

<rant>I’m not at all surprised with the price of the phone. That’s the going rate on high-end smartphones…but for a dock to be priced at $499.99 is ridiculous. The dock is nothing more than a shell with a keyboard, screen, and battery. For it to retail at that price is crazy. For that price, a consumer might as well and go out and buy a separate netbook. There is NO advantage to buying that combo. When rumors first circulated on the price of the laptop dock, speculated prices were between $99 - $199, I can understand those prices. It is, in fact, a high-end accessory. But to price an accessory, which is exactly what it is, at the same price as a netbook or a tablet is ridiculous.

The Atrix 4G, in my opinion, was supposed to usher in a new wave of computer devices that would allow people to carry one device and a few accessories and be able to interact with their device in a variety of ways. I can imagine a world in which I carry one device, that is social-entertainment-internet hub, and when I need a larger screen I can dock this device in a tablet. Or if I needed to get some work done, I can dock this device in a laptop. If I want to share video or media I can dock this device into a TV. The Atrix 4G, in my opinion was supposed to be this beginning. However this can only be the future if people are going to buy the products. When they are priced in that manner, customers aren’t going to buy into that ecosystem.</rant>


Burnt Toast and Tech for 112310

^ It’s like a Lewis and Clark drawing of Angry Birds…did you know that they’re coming out with a sequal to Angry Birds?!? ^


 - A third party recently graphed network speeds of the US national carriers, and AT&T came out on top.

 - FCC looking to update 911 to allow text messages. See even the FCC knows that no one makes calls anymore.

 - Yelp is looking to join the location based social networking revolution and allow discounts for check-ins. …I didn’t know that Yelp even had check-ins.

 - …so Apple is planning a big event in December, we know the daily newspaper for iPad is coming out, but what else could Apple have up it’s sleeve?!? Start the rumor mill…


…alright back to winter cleaning…

Burnt Toast and Tech for 111610

^ It was all smiles for my wife and I before the game…only one of us was smiling on the way home ^

So I went to the Redskins game last night…if you watched the game then you probably know how I’m feeling. To top that off, my Fantasy Football team also lost which puts me back 2 games. Things were looking so well before Sunday night. Let’s get to some tech stories because unlike my football teams, tech news does not disappoint me.

 - One of the big stories of the day is that Facebook unveiled it’s new messaging service yesterday. Mark Zuckerberg claims, “It’s Not E-mail”, but more of a unified inbox. So no matter if someone texts you, e-mails you, of IMs you, it appears in your Messages inbox all categorized by person. It seems like a pretty novel idea…one that will be rolled out to it’s 500+ million users over time. So how many out there actually think they’ll use Facebook Messages now?  (Unless there’s a way to block out all the spam party announcements, then it will be useless to me)

 - The other big news story is from Apple. They stated yesterday that they were going to announce something that would change iTunes forever. I was hoping it was finally a streaming service. But alas, that was wishful thinking on my part. Apparently they plan to announce that the Beatles Catalog is Coming to iTunes. I’m sure some people are going to be excited by this (the people that didn’t already rip the albums into a digital format).

^Well look who has a Nexus S…I see you, Eric Schmidt (who talked up Android 2.3 and New Payment System) ^

 - Maybe having so many operating systems is a bad thing for the development of web applications? Or maybe we just need some standards that work on ALL of them…

[ The Fragmentation of Operating Systems… ]

 - And in developing news, it appears that AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon are all joining together to create a mobile phone payment system. They have it overseas, it might as well be available here. Now you can exclude wallet in that check-list of things you can’t leave the house without.

[ WSJ: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Working on Mobile Payment System ]